McCarthy Cook & Company

McCarthy Cook & Co. is a vertically integrated real estate investment and development firm specializing in office, life science and mixed-use real estate assets. The company, founded in 1995, develops and oversees major office developments in major metropolitan markets stretching from Denver to the West Coast.

We try to differ ourselves from our competitors by providing a very customer-centric focus to our business,” says Edward Cook III, the company’s co-president. “Our business is all about providing service to our tenants and helping them solve their problems. To do that, we need very responsive partners who deliver outsized service to our customers. That’s where K&I Architects comes in.”

K&I has worked on nearly a dozen projects for McCarthy Cook, meeting its tenants design needs for spaces ranging from 1,500 square feet to jobs for tenants occupying more than 20,000 square feet.

We like working with K&I because the firm is extremely detail-oriented, but also very efficient. They’re able to turn out high-quality work in a very short time,” says Cook.

And you know that it’s not just something that a junior guy put together. All of the work has been gone over by the firm’s principals, and we’re very comfortable showing it to tenants."

One big plus K&I brings to McCarthy Cook’s clients its high-technology design expertise that helps clients envision their spaces long before construction crews arrive to begin work.

While our competitors are delivering two-dimensional black and white drawing to their clients, K&I can produce detailed 3D images that show a potential tenant exactly what a space will look like. Recently, while competing in the market for prestigious tenant, the 3D graphic space plan and attention to detail provided by K&I not only distinguished our proposal, but so impressed the tenant that we are receiving a counterproposal that might otherwise not have happened. That capability is indicative of K&I’s ability to help McCarthy Cook distinguish ourselves as a company that goes the extra mile for its tenants.”

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